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Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

The purpose of Instagram notes is to express your emotions to your pals in your message box. It might be anything, such as a letter to a friend, a note to your significant other, a note of sadness, a note about food, a note of humor, a note of inspiration, and more.

Update your Instagram to the most recent version, and the notes feature will be available to you right immediately! Keep in mind that Instagram notes do expire 24 hours after posting them!

Having said that, if you’re searching for inspiration to add some humorous messages to your Instagram chat box to liven it up, look no further! The majority of Instagram notes are humorous, but a select number also try to teach you valuable lessons about money, life, and even love. Confused?

Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

Continue reading to learn the other side of hilarious Instagram notes and learn how to surprise your pals! Take a peek at the Instagram Notes dashboard before continuing to get a sense of how it appears.

Funny Instagram Notes Ideas 2023

It’s the season to make break resolutions.

School’s notice board? No, Instagram’s notice board 😊 

Ever made notes in your class? 

Not a fan of MATH until I have to count money.

Where can I download motivation? 

I am as useless as the letter ‘g’ in lasagna😊 

What’s good about him? A few extra inches!

Need motivation for exams or leaked question papers.

If I was funny, I’d have a better Instagram note for it.  

More ways to slide into DMs 

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Life is short – Chat Fast  

What do girls want? EVERYTHING 

I took an IQ test and the results were negative! 

If you can’t find the key to success, Pick The Lock! 

I’m Social Vegan. I Avoid Meet.  

Fifty shades of tired. 

Apparently, this year is being written by: Stephen king 

Ice cream is cheaper than therapy 😊 

I wonder how many MILES I have scrolled with my thumb 

Stop sending reels to me, for god sake!

Do not peep into my message box. Period!

Don’t you dare to message me!

No pranks please, I’m tired of it!

Don’t tag me in your stories, I’m sick of unknown requests!

Don’t gift me baby dolls, I’ve now grown up!

Who’s Steve Harvey?

Is Steve Harvey’s head Egg Shaped?

You’re just here to check my note, seriously?

No more Bollywood masalas, please!

Who on earth makes Fanta Maggi?

For me, math class is like watching a foreign movie without subtitles.

Instagram Notes Ideas for Girls

Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

My DMs are locked, enter to get blocked 🙂

Hot chocolate and wear your hoodie season

Don’t girl, he’s not worth your beautiful hair

Not short, just a concentrated diva

Why are there no locks on Instagram?

Period pain really needs to burn calories ☹

Whether it’s eyeliner or life, both are ruined. 

Looks aren’t everything, But I have them, Just in Case! 

I suffer an extreme case of not being Beyonce!  

Funny Instagram Notes for Boys

Relationship status: looking for a WIFI connection!

Dress to kill? My wife applies it to her cooking!

I use my other hand thrice a day! Only those who know will understand!

I will reach in 5 minutes for sure (even if it takes an hour!)

The moment I start cuddling, I just cannot control it, dude!

My eyes go awe-struck when I see something big hanging!

Funny Notes for Instagram on Delicious Food

Why are burgers always round-shaped?

I’m a diabetic but I love sugar!

The fridge is a dear example that what matters on the inside!

Eating fast food makes people fast?

People who eat junk food are always the best!

Who on earth makes Palak Paneer ice cream?

Good food choices are better investments.

When you eat healthy you look healthy.

Food is Love!

Funny Instagram Notes for Friends or Friendship

Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

Always Better Together.

Find Someone Who Brings Best from You.

A Best-Friend Will Support You in Your Tough Times Too.

Don’t Lose Your Bff Because You’ll Never Find Like Him Again.

Some Friendship Don’t Need Daily Talks.

Friends are just a call away!

Friends are life!

True friendship doesn’t need a definition!

Sad Instagram Notes

I feel lonely, period!

Someone give me a ray of hope!

Don’t torture me again!

I don’t want to fall in love again!

Love at first sight, divorce at first fight!

Why this happens only to me all time?

Funny Instagram Notes for Couples

Will you cook today? Or should I just eat today?

Wanna go out on a date?

What’s safety? A helmet probably.

Were you with someone else yesterday night?

I wish I was there with you!

I really miss you like anything!

She: What’s the biggest thing you love in me? He: Heart!

Please come back soon, I cannot live without you!

Funny and Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Instagram Notes

Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

Somebody, please propose to me today – Male here!

Would you be my better butter? I mean, better half?

I love you deep from my………..

Would you rather eat a banana at night or………something else?

Deep-fried ice cream or half-baked heart? Relatable?

Let’s celebrate Single’s day today – cheers to everyone like me!

Don’t you mess with me today or dare to propose to me!

Cute Instagram Notes

Why should boys have all the fun?

How can you do this to me?

I’m so jealous of you guys (who’re traveling)

She’s so cute and smooth as butter!

Instagram Notes on Finance

Money Kept in Bank = Less Financial Knowledge.

Money Earned Is Not the Real Measurement of Wealth.

Your Spending Habits Decide Your Financial Freedom.

Gold Is the Only Source of True Wealth in Long-Term

Insurance Is Not an Investment but Capital Protection.

Technology Notes for Instagram

Top 100+ Funny Instagram Notes to post right now: Notes Ideas 2023!

Technology is a tool that could prosper or destroy humanity.

Technology gives us the power to change the world.

Technology connects Science to the world.

Technology today is evolving in a blink of an eye.

Best Instagram Notes

The journey you decided, on ends with a Destination you never chose.

Acceptation starts when expectations end.

Overthinking can stop when thinking is over.

Hello? Go with the flow, it is never easy though.

Let’s flip a coin. Heads I win, tails you lose.

It feels good to be good.

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