“The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: Melanesian tribe DNA Genes of Unknown Species

On October 20, the American Society of Human Genetics held its annual assembly, and the conclusions they reached can simply be described as astonishing. The info they collected reveals that folks in Melanesia (an space within the South Pacific that surrounds Papua New Guinea and its neighboring islands) could also be carrying some unknown genes of their DNA. Geneticists imagine that unrecognized DNA belongs to a beforehand unknown species of humanoids.

In line with Ryan Bohlender, one of many researchers concerned within the research, the species shouldn’t be Neanderthal or Denisovan, however one thing totally different. “We are losing a population, or we are misinterpreting something about relationships,” he mentioned.

Denisovans signify an extinct species belonging to the hominid genus. They have been named after the invention within the cave of Denisova within the Siberian mountains of Altai, the place the primary fragment of the bone that belonged to this species was discovered. Little is thought about this enigmatic cousin of ours. In regards to the folks of Melanesia shouldn’t be recognized a lot for the second.

“Human history is much more complicated than we thought,” Bohlender mentioned.
Oh sure, it’s. However piece by piece, the advanced previous of humanity is dropped at mild. And discoveries like this appear to level in a single course: we couldn’t be who we predict we’re. Right here’s a quote from the research that I believe you’ll admire:

“With assumptions about population size and the most recent dates of population separation taken from literature, we estimate the date of archaic-modern separation at ~ 440,000 ± 300 years ago for all modern human populations.”

If that quantity doesn’t ring any bell, reiterate the Anunnaki speculation. In line with the historical past of Genesis, the twelfth planet, generally known as Nibiru, was populated by humanoids similar to us people. After they encountered a extreme drawback within the ambiance, they went on a quest by means of the photo voltaic system to search out gold, a singular metallic that might heal their planet.

When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, roughly 432,000 years earlier than Christ, the Nibiruans used spacecraft to ship folks and important items from their planet to Earth. After reaching the floor, the superior beings established bases in historic Mesopotamia.

Many imagine that that is the true season of the creation of humanity – throughout the laboratories of the Anunnaki geneticists. And this latest research confirms this speculation nearly every day. It provides a imaginative and prescient that might reply one in every of our oldest and most vital questions: Who’re we?

To acquire the irrefutable answer to this secular enigma, we should dig deeply the place nobody has explored earlier than. However that is more durable to say than to do. One other manner to do that could be to investigate the hidden microscopic data inside every of us. The Anunnaki knew that their DNA was the important thing to the engineering of the perfect slave. In our limitless seek for our true lineage, we should do the identical as human beings.

In a latest effort, one other group of scientists got here to an identical conclusion. Led by evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev of the Pure Historical past Museum in Denmark, scientists examined DNA samples taken from 83 aboriginal Australians. Additionally they examined 25 members from native highland populations of Papua New Guinea. To their shock, the researchers found unique DNA, much like Denisovan within the genomes of research volunteers. Take into accout. The researchers solely known as it equivalent to the Denisovan. Nonetheless, the group that ceded their genes to the members’ ancestors is totally unknown. “Who this group is, we do not know,” Willerslev mentioned. Neither can we, however a specific crowd involves thoughts.

No debe sorprender que tales descubrimientos se hagan siempre cuando se estudia el genoma de poblaciones remotas. Con el tiempo, estos grupos aislados tuvieron poco contacto con el mundo exterior. Vivían y procreaban dentro de comunidades cerradas y esto se refleja en su genoma. Cuanto más rica y diversa sea su ascendencia, menos possible es que los genes particulares permanezcan sin cambios. En el caso de los aborígenes australianos y melanesios, el aislamiento significa que menos genes fueron alterados a lo largo de su existencia.

It’s not troublesome to think about this various model of our previous. The Anunnaki come to Earth, play God, and create humanity. Chief scientist Enqi and chief medical officer Ninti use genetic manipulation and in vitro fertilization to create human beings of their picture. They use society to serve their functions, and when it fits them, they dispense destruction within the type of a flood of Biblical Proportions. Some chosen human beings are protected by a faction of the Anunnaki who determined to go towards the protocol. They survive and unfold in each nook of the globe. 1000’s of generations go, and the genomes of those that “socialize” extra mingle past recognition. However in some locations, the flame of the creators nonetheless burns.

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