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Topic + verb — Adjective — to-infinitive, and so forth.Constructions Of Tenses Fundamental

Constructions Of Tenses Fundamental Tenses Guidelines English Studying Lesson 3

10- to-infinitive after straightforward, tough, difficult, unimaginable, and so forth.

Topic + verb — Adjective — to-infinitive, and so forth.

(i) The meals is — tough — to digest.

(ii) This drugs is — nice — to take.

(iii)This e-book is — straightforward — to learn

(iv) This rug is — tough — to clean

(v) His actions are — unimaginable — to justify

(vi) The topic is — exhausting — to grasp

(vii)His speech was — tough — to observe

11- too + adjective/adverb + to-infinitive,

Topic + verb — too + Adjective/ Adverb — to-infinitive, and so forth.

(i) She is — too proud — to take heed to me.

(ii) The boy is — too lazy — to work.

(iii) He labored — too slowly — to be of a lot use to me.

(iv) She is — too weak — to hold the field.

(v) I’m — too busy — to attend the celebration.

(vi) He talks — too quick — to be understood.

(vii) My sister is — too younger — to go to highschool.

12- Adjective/Adverb + sufficient + to-infinitive

Topic + verb — Adjective/ Adverb + sufficient — to-infinitive and so forth.

(i) He’s — tall sufficient — to achieve the image.

(ii) She is — silly sufficient — to imagine us.

(iii) She is — sturdy sufficient — to hold the field.

(iv) He’s — intelligent sufficient — to grasp it.

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(v) The police ran — quick sufficient — to catch the burglar.

(vi) You might be — sufficiently old — to know higher.

(vii) She was hit — exhausting sufficient — to be knocked down.

13- So + adjective/Adverb + that-clause

Topic + Verb — so + adjective/ adverb — that-clause

(i) He was — so livid — that he couldn’t communicate.

(ii) He walked — so shortly — that we couldn’t catch him up.

(iii) I used to be — so drained — that I couldn’t stroll any additional.

(iv) It’s –so darkish — that I can see nothing.

(v) He talks — so quick — you could hardly observe him.

(vi) The field fell — so closely — that it was damaged.

(vii) It was — so sizzling — that we needed to postpone our journey.

Constructions Of Tenses Fundamental Tenses Guidelines English Studying Lesson 2

14- Patterns of exclamatory sentences

(i) What + (adjective +) noun (+ topic + verb)

What(+Adjective+) Noun — (Topic +Verb)

(i) What a (giant) nostril — he has!

(ii) What stunning music — they’re taking part in!

(iii). What a pity!

(iv) What an enthralling lady — (she is)!

(v) What a stunning backyard — (it’s)!

(vi). What a good suggestion!

(vii) What a horrible noise!

(viii)What a idiot — you might be!

15- HOW + Adjective/Adverb + Topic + Verb

How +Adjective/Adverb — Topic +Verb

(i) How tall — you’ve grown!

(ii) How effectively — she dances!

(iii)How shortly — the vacation has handed!

(iv) How charming — she is!

(v) How pretty — the backyard is!

(vi) How intelligent — you might be!

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(vii)How candy — the music is 1

16- Conditionals : kind 1 (open situation)

If-clause Easy Current — Foremost clause Will shall +plain infinitive

(i) If he runs on a regular basis — he can – get there in time.

(ii) If her uncle arrives — she might not include you.

(iii)In case you hit the canine — it can chew you.

(iv) In case you research exhausting — you’re going to get the primary class.

(v) If it rains — we will postpone our picnic.

(vi) If I discover the pen — I shall give it to you.

Conditionals of this sort describe that one thing will occur if a selected situation is

fulfilled. The state might or will not be fulfilled.

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