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Buildings Of Tenses Fundamental Tenses Guidelines English Studying Lesson 1

Buildings Of Tenses Fundamental Tenses Guidelines English Studying Lesson 1

1- It + be + adjective + to-infinitive
It + be – Adjective — to-infinitive, and so forth.

(i) It’s — merciless — to deal with animals in that manner.
(ii)It was — unattainable — to elevate the field.
(iii) is — straightforward — to be taught Hindi.
(iv)It is going to be — troublesome — to surrender smoking.
(v)It could be — troublesome — to get the job.
(vi)It’s — unhealthy — to borrow cash.

2- Conditionals : Kind 2 (Unbelievable or imaginary situation)
If-clause Easy Previous (Subjunctive) — Most important clause would/shauld/might/would possibly + plain

(i)If he stopped smoking — he would possibly get fats
(ii)If I had a level — I might get a job simply.
(iii)In case you studied laborious — you’ll get a first-class.
(iii)If I had been you — I shouldn’t do this
(iv)If we began now — we might be in time
(v)In case you had been a millionaire — how would you spend your time ?

Conditionals of this kind are used after we discuss one thing which we don’t anticipate
to occur or which is only imaginary.

3- Conditionals : Kind 3 (Unfulfilled situation)
If-clause Previous good Most important clause would/ought to/might/would possibly + good infinitive ,

(i) In case you had left that wasp alone — it may not have stung you.
(ii) In case you had come to me — I might not have gotten into bother.
(iii) In case you had studied laborious — you’ll have gotten a first-class.
(iv) If I had tried once more — I ought to have succeeded.
(v) If I had seen him — I might have saved him from drowning,

Conditionals of this kind say that one thing didn’t occur as a result of a sure situation
was not fulfilled.

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4- It + be + no good, and so forth. + gerundial phrase.
It + be — Gerundial Phrase

(i) It was worthwhile — seeing the exhibition
(ii) It’s amusing — watching monkeys.
(iii) It has been a pleasure — assembly you.
(iv) It’s no good — asking him for assist.
(v) It was no good — speaking to her.
(vi) It’s no use — worrying about it.
(vii) It’s value — seeing the movie.

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