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There are lots of totally different scientific and non-scientific concepts about what occurred earlier than the Large Bang. Some folks say there was nothing, whereas others say there was a black gap or lots of totally different worlds.

However now, a gaggle of mathematicians from Canada and Egypt have used cutting-edge science and an advanced set of equations to attempt to determine what got here earlier than our universe. Nature has printed their analysis paper.

To make it easy and simple to know, they utilized the theories of the very small, which come from quantum mechanics, to the entire universe, which is defined by the overall concept of relativity. That is how they discovered that the universe goes via 4 essential levels.

Much more necessary, they came upon what was there earlier than this universe. One other universe, or extra particularly, a special “cosmological phase.”

Regardless that the universe is infinite in dimension, it has all the time been in certainly one of 4 levels.

The universe is getting larger, and it’s getting larger sooner. The crew thinks {that a} change impressed by quantum mechanics will finally cease the growth and pull every part again to a degree close to infinity, the place it can begin to develop once more.

The paper by Maha Salah, Faycal Hammad, Mir Faizal, and Ahmed Farag Ali known as “Non-singular and Cyclic Universe from the Modified GUP” could be very difficult, however Prof. Mir Faizal defined the details.

He stated that quantum mechanical results have been added to cosmology utilizing a way known as the modified GUP.

This strategy modifications cosmology’s equation in a really fascinating manner. It says that our universe will undergo 4 totally different levels, certainly one of which is the stage we’re in now.

On this mannequin of the universe, there was a time earlier than the large bang. We are able to find out about that point by finding out the physics of the current time within the universe.

Mir Faizal, a professor, stated:

In our mannequin of how the universe started, it didn’t begin with the “big bang.” As a substitute, there was a change from one part of the universe to the subsequent.

That is potential as a result of the universe has 4 totally different states, similar to water has three totally different states. Simply as we will be taught concerning the properties of ice by wanting on the water that has shaped from it, we will be taught concerning the universe earlier than the large bang by the way it works now.

Of their mannequin, they’ve been in a position to have a look at how the universe was earlier than the Large Bang. Primarily based on the equations of their mannequin, they suppose that the universe will cease rising after which instantly begin to shrink.

Prof Mir added:

When the equations are taken previous the purpose the place they will shrink no extra, a cyclic universe state of affairs seems. “Other cosmologists have proposed a scenario with a “big bang” and a “big crunch,” however these fashions have singularities. Singularities are dangerous in physics as a result of they present a spot the place the legal guidelines of physics don’t work, and you may’t use physics to get helpful ends in these locations.

This type of “singularity” will not be a part of the brand new mannequin of the universe. Through the use of the modified GUP corrections to cosmology, it’s also potential to keep away from the large bang singularity.

Of their mannequin of the universe, the truth that the universe is cyclical comes from including quantum results to a mannequin of the universe.

Prof. Faizal stated that though there are a lot of unusual methods to have a look at quantum gravity, corresponding to string concept and loop quantum gravity, what most of them have in widespread is that area doesn’t exist under a sure size.

Many of those concepts additionally say that there’s a most quantity of power, and nothing within the universe can have extra power than that.

The analysis crew put the impact of getting a minimal size and a most power right into a mannequin of the universe. Consequently, they acquired a mannequin of a universe that goes in cycles.

When requested what his work meant when it comes to philosophy and perhaps even faith, Prof. Mir stated:

Nobody thinks {that a} finite or an infinite area dimension has any philosophical or theological implications, and time is simply one other dimension, so why ought to or not it’s handled any in another way?

In any case, I don’t consider in a God of gaps, with the large bang being a giant hole, however I do consider in a God who made the maths that describes actuality so good that there aren’t any gaps, not now and never on the large bang.

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