Orichalcum, The Misplaced Steel of Atlantis Recovered From 2,600-12 months-Outdated Shipwreck!

Fairly probably one of many biggest mysteries of our civilization is the disappearance of Atlantis round 11,000 years in the past. Greek thinker Plato talked about the existence of Atlantis in a few of his works and as we speak stays one of many biggest “lost cities” in historical past.

Some tales and theories recommend that Atlantis was a civilization that possessed very superior expertise even for our time. Some imagine that the Atlanteans didn’t disappear below the ocean however managed to go to different planets by their spaceships, whereas others imagine that the ability and corruption within the Atlantean civilization triggered an incredible nuclear struggle that fully modified the whole geography of the Land.

Artist’s depiction of the sunken metropolis of Atlantis

Theories about its disappearance apart, nobody is aware of the precise location of Atlantis however Plato described its location in entrance of “The Pillars of Hercules”, in reference to the “Rock of Gibraltar” and North Africa. There are numerous expeditions and investigations which have tried to find the true location, however nobody has been capable of show its existence.

However Atlantis might not be a legend as a group of marine archaeologists have recovered 39 ingots of “Orichalcum (Orichalcum)” from a ship sunk some 2,600 years in the past 1,000 meters off the coast of Gela, south of Sicily. In response to the traditional Greeks, “Orichalcum was a metal that could only be found in one place: the lost city of Atlantis.”

Professor Sebastiano Tusa, an archaeologist from the workplace of the Superintendent of the Sea in Sicily, claimed that the ingots they’d found within the wreckage of the sunken ship had been in all probability the legendary pink steel often called Orichalcum. Consultants imagine that the ingots of Atlantis had been being transported from Gela, south of Sicily, to Greece or Asia Minor. The ship carrying the steel was in all probability caught in an enormous storm and sank simply because it was about to enter the Sicilian port.

“The shipwreck is from the first half of the 6th century,” Tusa informed the media. “The ship was only 1,000 meters off the coast of Gela, at a depth of 3 meters. Nothing similar has ever been found. We knew about Orichalcum from ancient texts and some ornamental objects.”

2,600-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of Sicily

Orichalcum, the steel of Atlantis, has an historical and mysterious historical past. For hundreds of years, consultants have debated the composition and origin of steel. In response to historical Greek texts, the Orichalcum was invented by Cadmus, a personality from Greek mythology. The Greek thinker Plato talked about Orichalcum as a legendary steel within the Critias dialogue. Plato described town of Atlantis as illuminated by the “flashing red light of Orichalcum.” Plato stated that “the metal, second only in value to gold, was mined from Atlantis to cover all the surfaces of the Temple of Poseidon.”

Most consultants agree that Orichalcum is a copper alloy like that made by carburizing. It is a course of by which zinc ore, carbon, and copper steel are mixed in a crucible. When analyzed with X-ray fluorescence, the 39 Atlantis ingots turned out to be an alloy made with 75-80 p.c copper, 14-20 p.c zinc, and decrease percentages of nickel, lead, and iron.

“The find confirms that a century after its founding in 689 BC, Gela grew to become a city rich with workshops of craftsmen specialized in the production of precious artefacts,” Tusa commented on the significance of the invention.

So, are the Orichalcum ingots proof of the existence of Atlantis? Though for many individuals, this discovery proves the existence of the legendary metropolis of Atlantis. Enrico Mattievich, professor, author and former physicist on the Federal College of Rio de Janeiro, stated that the ingots are product of brass whereas the true Orichalcum consists of product of copper, gold and silver, and was created in Peru.

A stack of orichalcum ingots as they had been discovered on the ocean ground amid the wreck of a ship off Sicily. © Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of the Sea-Sicily Area

Talked about briefly in solely two of Plato’s works, Critias and Timaeus, many individuals strongly imagine within the existence of Atlantis. As we’ve got mentioned beforehand, the Atlanteans had been thought-about a really superior society that defied the “Greek gods” and because of this disappeared to the underside of the ocean because of rising sea ranges or a big tsunami. Ever since Atlantis was talked about for the primary time in historical Greece, man has tried to find out its location, looking out all around the world, from the Mediterranean Sea, by the polar ice caps to the South Pacific.

Nevertheless, up to now Atlantis has remained hidden, with no proof that it ever existed. Are the Orichalcum ingots found close to Sicily the definitive proof for the existence of Atlantis? And if not, why was a steel so hardly ever used within the historical world so lovely? Possibly sooner or later we’ll know the solutions. However whereas archaeologists have found Orichalcum, the seek for Atlantis will proceed.

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