Michael Lee Hill’s Encounter With Anunnaki King Marduk

At this time, we’ll take a look on the exceptional Michael Lee Hill case, who had a face-to-face encounter with Marduk, an Anunnaki God. It began in the summertime of 2006 together with his UFO sightings over Lake Erie, one of many Nice Lakes for the UFO fanatic. It could, at first, appear to be simply one other UFO case amongst hundreds of others and can pretty quickly be put to relaxation. Nevertheless, because it confirmed, there was little question that these UFO sightings have been actual.

Lake Erie – A No-Fly Zone
Initially, Lake Erie is a no-fly zone space as a result of there’s a nuclear energy plant there, and since 9/11, there was a 5-mile large no-fly zone round energy crops, nuclear or coal. Michael’s hometown is the place the CEI electrical energy plant is, and the Perry Nuclear Energy Plant is round 18 miles east and can also be located proper on Lake Erie.

Nonetheless, Hill managed to take clear movies of UFOs hovering over the lake of their traditional erratic flying patterns that no recognized human plane can do. Furthermore, Michael says it’s like they know he’s filming them, and that they’re posing for him. That is fairly uncommon however would nonetheless be forgotten after a day or two if there wasn’t much more to the story.

Terrell Copeland’s Unusual Blood Anomaly
The bizarre factor began when Invoice Burns of the UFO Hunters group contacted him and one other younger man from Virginia who was former navy, now discharged for very particular causes which we’ll go into now. In January 2011, the Historical past Channel printed a documentary on Michael and the younger ex-military man from Suffolk, Virginia, Terrell Copeland.

Amazingly sufficient, it additionally seems that Michael had a face-to-face assembly with Marduk himself, or somebody who offered himself as him. However earlier than we go deeper into Michael’s case, let’s introduce Terrell Copeland to the image.

Terrell Copeland is 25 years previous and was discharged from the navy on account of an odd blood anomaly the navy medical doctors couldn’t discover the reason for it, however thought of it motive sufficient to discharge him altogether.

So, what was this blood anomaly all about? It releases large quantities of CK (creatine kinase) into the blood, which in flip super-oxygenates the bloodstream. Usually, this situation will create quite a lot of issues for the individual, reminiscent of muscle injury, or often, it’s the opposite method round – extreme muscle injury results in excessive CK ranges.

Terrell’s CK ranges have been as excessive as 2,000; for a standard individual, the extent not often reaches over 200 U/L. That is all recorded in Terrell’s navy data. Nevertheless, Terrell has no muscle injury, and he’s in excellent well being.

Terrell Copeland’s UFO Encounters
What differentiates him from a traditional individual, although, is that he has had a number of UFO encounters, each near his residence and away from it. He has additionally had his residence damaged into and unusual individuals threatening him.

Being an ex-military with entry to navy fly craft, he says that what he’s seen shouldn’t be navy, and certainly, unusual comparable phenomena additionally mentioned within the film occurred right here throughout George Washington’s instances and are recorded as such. I doubt these have been navy.

Movies present how huge orbs within the sky are hovering round and typically break up into two. Normally, these UFOs are exhibiting patterns that appear method past present applied sciences, even the key ones from the alien expertise switch packages.

Invoice Burns of UFO journal and UFO Hunters is an attention-grabbing character in his personal proper. He appears to know much more than he’s letting out, as we will see within the Michael Lee Hill case later on this video.

Invoice Burns Calls Copeland an “Alien Hybrid”
Nevertheless, it begins already with the Copeland interview. In the course of the interview on the Historical past Channel, he’s telling Copeland that Copeland is an alien hybrid. He’s informed by his colleague within the video that that is extremely controversial, however Burns is saying it to Copeland with nice emphasis and with no hesitation like it’s the plain fact and he is aware of it. Copeland himself shouldn’t be shocked, and it signifies to him as properly.

Michael Lee Hill’s UFO Sightings Much like Copeland’s
Then, Invoice Burns and the UFO Hunter workforce go on by visiting Michael Lee Hill in his residence in Ohio, near Lake Erie. Michael places on his coat and takes the entire workforce to the precise locations the place he has encountered his personal UFO sightings over the Nice Lake.

What’s exceptional to the workforce and the viewer is that Michael’s sightings look nearly an identical to those Copeland had; the 2 individuals’ sightings have been in contrast.

Michael additionally tells the workforce that he has had encounters his whole life, therefore his curiosity in UFOs and ETs. Nevertheless, Michael shouldn’t be alone in having seen these objects over Lake Erie; they have been seen already in 1988 by Sheila Baker, and it was famous within the newspapers from that point, additionally evidenced within the video. Cleveland Plain Supplier, July twelfth, 1992, even the Coast Guard witnessed this occasion, and UFO Hunters are exhibiting a duplicate of their report on the Historical past Channel.

Michael Lee Hill’s Shut Encounters With Aliens and Assembly with Marduk
Michael additionally tells the UFO Hunter workforce that he has had some very actual shut encounters with aliens who’ve finished experiments on him towards his will, similar to we’ve heard about many instances earlier than from different abductees. Nonetheless, Michael’s experiences go method past what’s uncovered within the Historical past Channel video, which we will discover in a second. However first, let’s proceed with what was revealed within the video.

Dr. Ted Acworth Opinions Michael and Copeland’s Movies
Dr. Ted Acworth received a duplicate of each Copeland’s and Hill’s movies to match them with one another. He had by no means seen something prefer it earlier than and couldn’t clarify what these objects have been. Invoice Burns will get fairly excited over Michael’s story and asks him if he needs to have his blood drawn as a result of he suspects Michael has the identical blood anomaly as Copeland.

Michael agrees to do that, they usually go to a laboratory at Massachusetts Basic Hospital. Copeland joins the workforce; the road of thought right here is that if Michael has the identical anomaly as Copeland, is he a hybrid?

Blood Exams at Massachusetts Basic Hospital
They’re examined by one of many main medical doctors within the cardio-pulmonary discipline, Dr. David Cyr. Copeland, in addition to Hill, are going via the identical exams to see if Copeland’s anomaly continues to be current and if Michael has it too. Each exams present that they each have an elevation of CK of their blood. Dr. Cyr and his workforce don’t need to speculate as to why the degrees are excessive; there isn’t a muscle injury in any of the 2 individuals, and nothing else appears flawed with them both. It stays a thriller.

Michael Lee Hill’s Face-to-Face Communications With Anunnaki

In one other interview, Michael stated that the sightings over Lake Erie have been only a small a part of a a lot greater story. He additionally claimed he’s had face-to-face communications with the aliens who fly the spacecraft, encounters of the fifth form. He additionally requested the interviewer to needless to say he had no data in regards to the Anunnaki on the time and he hadn’t learn Sitchin’s books. He had learn someplace about Nibiru however didn’t know what to imagine, so he simply determined to not give it an excessive amount of consideration, and if it was actual, time will inform.

Michael Lee Hill’s Assembly With Anunnaki Rulers
Michael says that when there have been indications that the ETs have been of the Anunnaki, he discovered it unusual, however then again, he didn’t know what or who they have been. Nevertheless, in July of 2008, Michael had a face-to-face expertise with these individuals, and now he does imagine it.

He says he had a gathering with members of the ruling household of the Anunnaki to debate a change in Anunnaki management and what the subsequent step shall be for humankind as we go from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius.

Briefly, the assembly was about whether or not we people are prepared for a disclosure of the alien presence on Earth or not, are we able to be disclosed to the Anunnaki and different alien races? In fact, this sounds very odd – why Michael, a musician and a filmmaker amongst hundreds and hundreds of others? Hints: blood anomaly, hybrid, pre-selection agreements between lives. That is how it began and developed into one of many strangest encounters we have now ever learn or heard about.

Michael’s Credibility as a Witness
Nonetheless, Michael can also be some of the credible witnesses we all know of, and we have now no doubts in any way that what he’s saying is his true notion of what he has skilled. In July of 2008, a good friend of Michael’s took him on a tenting journey to New York; they have been headed for an annual occasion referred to as Sirius Rising Competition. Take into account that the Samian Anunnaki are initially from Sirius, one thing that may present relevance. Michael knew nothing about this connection in the intervening time.

The Genie Bottle Encounter
His good friend, in his flip, had a good friend referred to as Loki (Michael shouldn’t be certain of the spelling – Loka? Loki is the title of a Scandinavian Asa God by the best way, Asar being one other title for the Syrians), who additionally joined in with them on the pageant.

Abruptly, Loki stated he was going to examine on a good friend’s campsite to see if every little thing was okay, and that he would quickly be again once more. Michael determined to comply with Loki to the campsite, and that’s the place it received actually unusual, as Michael put it.

Once they arrived, this campsite had a spherical gazebo named “I Dream of Genie Bottle,” and that’s the way it appeared like from the within. Because it turned out, whereas Michael and Loki have been nonetheless standing outdoors, Loki informed him that some individuals contained in the Genie Bottle have been ready to see him. Michael discovered this very curious, however he was additionally wanting to see who they have been.

Properly, inside, Michael observed it was a spherical construction with a phenomenal mattress within the center, with lovely materials making up the entire inside. For some motive, as soon as he received inside, Michael discovered it very disorienting, and typically he couldn’t discover the door again out.

On the mattress sat two individuals, a male and a feminine, however the unusual factor was that Michael couldn’t see their faces; every little thing from shoulders up was blurry. He says he doesn’t know if it was the lighting, however their faces have been veiled in shadows and couldn’t be distinguished in any respect.

Assembly the Anunnaki King Marduk
The male requested Michael to take a seat down, so he took the bean bag straight in entrance of the round mattress the 2 unusual individuals have been sitting on, and on the identical time, Loki exited the gazebo. The male requested Michael if he had carried out any of the rituals on web site or walked the labyrinth but, which he informed the male he hadn’t and didn’t even know what they have been.

The male then requested him what he was there for within the first place, “You know what is going on around here, right?” Michael informed him he doesn’t purchase into that ritual stuff, and the male stated, “Great, me neither. Some strange people are doing strange things around here, don’t you think?”

At the moment, Loki returned and informed the 2 on the mattress, “This is Michael Lee Hill who had filmed the UFOs over Lake Erie.” Then the male’s demeanor completely modified, and he stated, “Have you ever heard of Coast to Coast radio show?” Michael informed him sure, and that he’d truly been on it. The male went on saying that there had not too long ago been a person on that present named David Sereda who was speaking a few testimony from a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin, whose title was Boyd Bushman. He stated this Bushman info, which had now been launched, had upset many insiders, and he needed to know if Michael knew something about that.

At this level, Michael was starting to freak out, however felt he wanted to be sincere, so he stated he does know one thing about it as a result of it was in his movie “From Here to Andromeda.” The male appeared actually shocked and requested who introduced this individual to him. Apparently, he additionally began throwing out some threats in direction of Michael and Bushman.

He then appeared to relax and stated that they wanted to learn how a lot Michael knew, that they have been going to do some experiments on him, and that it wouldn’t harm. A number of new individuals entered the gazebo and carried out some form of mind-reading process on Michael with gadgets that learn/manipulated his third eye. One gadget appeared like a small wand with a brilliant purple-blue LED on prime of it.

Michael might really feel it, and he says it truly felt fairly good. Then they’d what seemed to be shiny, flashing devices and laser pointers, they usually informed him they have been going to take away some reminiscence blocks. The procedures they used on Michael weren’t painful in any respect.

Once they have been finished, the male stated, “I heard that you wanted to meet us, and that you have filmed our craft.” That is when Michael was informed he was sitting earlier than the king of the Anunnaki. The precise title of the individual was by no means given to Michael, however in any case that went down, he had all the explanations to imagine this male was Marduk himself, who’s the one and solely King of the Anunnaki on Earth.

The Change in Anunnaki Management
Marduk continued, saying that Michael is a part of this ruling household as properly, the serpent clan faction supporting Maru, and that it was an incredible synchronicity that he was led there as a result of now a gathering might happen between them throughout a change in Anunnaki management, with a brand new time arriving for mankind with a brand new recreation plan to debate.

They informed Michael that he and another person have been incarnated right here now right now as people, versus Anunnaki, to be right here for the top time modifications. May this another person be Terrell Copeland?

Loki then intervened and stated he had spoken to Michael already, they usually each thought mankind was prepared for open contact with races from different worlds and dimensions and turn into members of the galactic group.

Michael spoke up as properly, agreeing with Loki and including that mankind must be launched from the bondage that had saved them in survival mode, that it’s time that we people get the prospect to succeed in our true potentials.

The Promise of Disclosure Earlier than 2027
The male on the mattress, Marduk, listened whereas Michael and Loki have been speaking, after which stated, “If that’s how you feel, let’s do it.” Michael requested, “When?” and Marduk replied, “Obviously before 2027,” he stated this in a tone of voice as if it was a foolish query and that it was fairly self-explanatory. So it appears Michael is telling us that there shall be an open first contact with the Anunnaki someday earlier than 2027.

The assembly was coming to an finish, and Michael requested if he might see their faces, they usually stated, “No, you will see our faces tomorrow.” Then they added that they wanted to speak a few change in Anunnaki management, apparently, and this was in the summertime of 2008; they have been about to vary Kings. Michael admits this sounds loopy, however that’s what occurred, and in a method or one other, he’s concerned on this course of, and he nonetheless doesn’t understand how and why and has no concept how you can course of this inside himself.

Marduk’s Farewell
As they have been about to go away the Genie Bottle, the Anunnaki hybrid Loki walked over to Marduk, who Michael Lee Hill received the sensation had tears in his eyes. Loki put his arm round Marduk and stated in essentially the most loving voice, “Don’t worry, now you can finally rest, my king.” The male Anunnaki chief, King, adopted Michael out, and Michael thought, “Screw it, let his curiosity take over,” and took an opportunity to sneak a peek at Marduk’s face.

First off, he observed Marduk was sporting a glowing white hooded gown, and his face was not human. Michael describes it as wanting wavy, with very sculpted options, fairly like a gargoyle, however truly very lovely. He was not scary-looking in any respect. The strangest factor was that the Anunnaki chief appeared to not be bodily however seemed to be clear.

The Subsequent Morning at Sirius Competition
The following morning, nonetheless on the Sirius Competition, Michael Lee Hill awakened and poured some water over his head. When he appeared up, he noticed a male and a feminine strolling as much as his tent on the grime street, and he immediately knew it was the Anunnaki chief and his feminine follower/consort. Now they appeared very human; the male stopped in entrance of Michael and stated, “Good morning, Commander.”

Michael, Marduk right here, strolling round on the pageant campus amongst all of the celebrating individuals who had no concept who he was, nonetheless had the sculpted facial options, however they have been subdued, and he had essentially the most radiant blue eyes.

He and Michael spent most of that day collectively, and he provided to make Michael dinner. Michael took him up on it; the meal was superior, as Michael put it – lamb with okra and curry sauce.

They talked, and Michael stated Marduk was actually a phenomenal soul. He requested the Anunnaki chief what he was going to do in regards to the Boyd Bushman challenge, the knowledge being revealed in Michael’s movie. Marduk stated that now that they knew Michael was certainly one of them, they’d not be capable of contact him, so he was informed to not fear about it. This was Michael’s first assembly with the Anunnaki.

Do You Imagine Michael’s Story?

What do you suppose? Is Michael Lee Hill telling us the reality or not? Do you imagine him? Inform us within the feedback beneath.


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