Karla Turner Claimed She Discovered Proof That Aliens Are Manipulating Human Actuality (Video)

Karla Turner was one of many few alien abductees who discovered a decent place in UFOlogy after she had made some robust claims about alien abductions. Her intensive analysis into the topic revealed that aliens manipulate notion, management consciousness, trigger unexplained diseases and psychological decline, and interact in grotesque actions in underground amenities. Her findings spotlight the alarming bodily, psychological, and religious penalties confronted by abductees, elevating questions concerning the true nature and intentions of those extraterrestrial encounters.

Dr. Turner was an intrepid human rights activist and alien abduction investigator. With the background in Outdated English Research and a former school teacher, she authored three books on the kidnapping phenomenon: Into the Fringe (1992), Taken (1994), and Masquerade of Angels (1994), co-written with psychic Ted Rice. Her work raised necessary questions concerning the true nature and intentions of those extraterrestrial encounters.

Dr. Turner had been concerned in finding out alien abductions since 1988. In her books “Into the Fringe” and “Taken,” she shared her abduction experiences and the tales of different abductees, highlighting the disturbing nature of those occasions. In “Masquerade of Angels,” she recounted the experiences of Ted Rice, who initially believed the aliens to be benevolent however later realized their predatory nature. One specific account concerned Rice as an 8-year-old boy, witnessing his deceased grandfather reworking right into a reptoid and demanding intimacy with him, ensuing within the dying of his grandmother shortly afterward.

Dr. Turner misplaced her battle with breast most cancers in 1996 and solely after that, her work was printed the place she described her household’s firsthand encounters. In her work, she additionally urged that the kidnapped are focused people and never chosen randomly. She was satisfied the army focused abductees in response to the reviews individuals had made.

In considered one of her interviews, Dr. Turner defined how she grew to become concerned within the subject. Initially, her household had no data of the phenomenon till they started experiencing UFO sightings and abduction encounters. Dissatisfied with the out there UFO literature, she took it upon herself to conduct analysis and discover reliable solutions. She began by documenting her household’s experiences in her ebook “Into the Fringe,” which chronicles their awakening and coping course of. Finally, she labored with Barbara Bartholic, Tulsa OK-based UFO/abduction researcher on her case and started working along with her on different circumstances.

It was found that abductions have been transgenerational in her husband’s household, with accounts relationship again to the early 1900s. Turner and her members of the family, together with her son, brother, sister-in-law, and their kids, had all had experiences associated to abductions. Some members of the family have been initially hesitant to debate their encounters till they discovered about Turner’s experiences. Hypnosis was used of their analysis, though it has been controversial, with some researchers suggesting that it will probably result in false reminiscences. Turner’s opinion on these points will not be acknowledged within the given excerpt.

In her ebook named “Taken,” she mentioned the concept some outstanding abduction theorists state must be averted — don’t consider aliens pretty much as good and evil. Turner claimed that “this cannot be done, nor should it be.” She continued that those that had been kidnapped have the suitable to know the way their “participation” can be utilized by their abductors, beneath what circumstances and what cause would the kidnapped be “made a part of this agenda” since they’ve been “implanted, trained, and programmed to participate in some future scenario.” Don’t abductees have the suitable to know for what goal “our minds, bodies, and souls will be used?”

Dr. Turner’s important issues concerning alien abductions have been the aliens’ cruelty in direction of abductees, each bodily and mentally. Victims skilled traumatic occasions corresponding to pressured impregnation, painful miscarriages, and extreme accidents. Turner believed that the aliens had full management over the minds of people, utilizing psychic expertise to control their perceptions and reminiscences.

She disagreed with those that noticed the phenomenon as constructive, arguing that understanding it was past {our capability}. She questioned the aim behind the aliens’ agenda and expressed her perception that some alien teams, notably reptoids, consumed human our bodies for emotional or soul vibrations. She speculated that cloned our bodies lacked these qualities and puzzled if hybrid beings have been created as a meals supply for the reptoids.

Earlier than her dying, she regularly spoke at UFO conferences in the US and different nations, urging individuals to take motion. She claimed that aliens have been manipulating our perceptions and spreading disinformation to weaken us and deceive us into pondering they cared about us, when in actuality, their intentions have been self-serving and disregarded our well-being. Turner emphasised the necessity to regain management over the state of affairs and confront these aliens. Dr. Turner found these seven fundamental components of the alien abduction phenomenon printed by John Chambers within the UFO Journal:

1. Aliens can management what we expect we see. They’ll seem to us in any variety of guises and shapes;
2. Aliens can take us – our consciousness – out of our bodily our bodies, disable our management of our our bodies, set up considered one of their very own entities, and use our our bodies as automobiles for their very own actions earlier than returning our consciousness to our our bodies;
3. Aliens could be current with us in an invisible state and might make themselves solely partially seen;
4. A stunning variety of abductees undergo from severe diseases they didn’t have earlier than their encounters. These have led to surgical procedure, debilitation, and even dying from causes the medical doctors can’t establish;
5. Some abductees expertise a degeneration of their psychological, social and religious well-being. Extreme habits regularly erupts, corresponding to drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating and promiscuity. Unusual obsessions develop and trigger the disruption of regular life and the destruction of non-public relationships;
6. Some abductees report being taken to underground amenities the place they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of hybrid humanoid fetuses, and vats of coloured liquid crammed with elements of human our bodies;
7. Abductees report seeing different people in these amenities being drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed, and dismembered, and being stacked, lifeless, like cords of wooden. Some abductees have been threatened that they, too, will find yourself on this situation in the event that they don’t cooperate with their alien captors.

Interviewer: Abductees inform tales of seeing beings–angelic Nordics, for instance–after which, after they focus and attempt to give attention to their reminiscences of these beings, they disappear, and behind them are these “lizard people.”

KT: I’m not accustomed to quite a few circumstances. I’ve heard different researchers speak about the identical factor. In a single case that I recount in “Into the Fringe,” James had principally acutely aware recollections and virtually no hypnosis. He remembered being drawn into the proximity of a lovely “Pleiadian” girl, who was very alluring and tender, and virtually seductive. She needed him to come back into her embrace. When he received into the embrace, and thought she was going to kiss him, she disappeared totally, and what was left in her place was a purplish-black, bumpy, virtually slimy-looking character with pretty asymmetrical options.

I’ve encountered this similar sort of creature in a few different circumstances. The entity was very robust. As an alternative of embracing James, the creature threw him down on the bottom and shoved a two-foot-long tube down his throat, into his abdomen, and pulled up abdomen juices. The following day, he nonetheless had a number of the bile style, the inside of his throat was sore, and he found claw marks round either side of his neck, the place he had been held down. Regardless of the entity was, there was one thing claw-like about it (which, after all, matches reptilians). Possibly, as shut as he was to it, he couldn’t understand the entire determine. However he may see a bumpy protecting, which may equate to the tough, scaly exterior typically reported to be reptilian. It’s described as bumpy, ridged, bony, robust, clawed.

CF: Apparently these beings have the flexibility to undertaking totally different pictures.

KT: Some individuals say that they remodel–that they mutate or change their very own actual kinds. I don’t settle for that as correct. I don’t imagine they actually appear to be a blond, they usually do one thing to trick you after which they all of the sudden appear to be a reptilian. I feel that what they alter is human notion. They actually can undertaking false pictures–simply as Ted’s [Ted Rice’s] grandmother was proven her lifeless husband, in order that she would consent to have a sexual encounter. Ted’s grandfather had been lifeless for six years. And in the midst of having the encounter with what she thought was her restored husband, the picture disappeared–I suppose as a result of the aliens needed to get the “emotional juice” from her–and he or she noticed a “reptoid” on high of her.

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