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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 38 IELTS Exams

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 38 IELTS Exams Preparation

381-Morale (Noun)

 Definition: enthusiasm and self-discipline of an individual or group at a selected time.

 Synonyms: self-confidence, vanity, confidence.

 Utilization: Morale within the boys was increased than it had been for a very long time.

382-Bleak (Adj)

 Definition: missing vegetation and uncovered to the weather.

 Synonyms: desolate, stark, arid, desert, naked, uncovered, 

 Utilization: A bleak and barren moor.

383-Entrenched (Adj)

 Definition: (of an perspective, behavior, or perception) firmly established and tough or unlikely to alter; 

 Utilization: An entrenched resistance to alter.

384-Emboldened (Verb)

 Definition: give the braveness or confidence to do one thing.

 Synonyms: make courageous/braver, encourage, give braveness.

 Utilization: Emboldened by the claret, they pressed their knee towards hers.

385-Rhetoric (Noun)

 Definition: the artwork of persuasive talking or writing, particularly the exploitation of figures of speech and different compositional methods.

 Synonyms: the facility of speech, command of language, oratory, eloquence,

 Utilization: They’re thought-about to excel on this type of rhetoric.

386-Conquests (Noun)

 Definition: the idea and management of a spot or individuals by navy pressure.

 Synonyms: conquering, vanquishment, defeat, beating, 

 Utilization: The conquest of the French by the Spanish.

387-Beef (Verb) Definition: grievance

 Utilization: They had been beefing about how the recession was killing the enterprise.

388-Crunch (Noun)

 Definition: a vital level or state of affairs, usually one at which a call with vital penalties have to be made.

 Synonyms: vital level, crux, disaster, resolution time, a second of fact, 

 Utilization: When the crunch comes, he’ll be compelled to decide on.

389-Hedge (Noun)

 Definition: a means of defending oneself towards monetary loss or different hostile circumstances. 


Synonyms: defend, display screen, guard, buffer, safeguard, safety.

 Utilization: They see the brand new fund as a wonderful hedge towards a fall in sterling.

390-Finally (Adverb)

 Definition: dispute, or series of issues., ultimately, particularly after a protracted delay.

 Synonyms: in time, after a while, ultimately, in the end, by and by, 

 Utilization: Finally, after midnight, they arrived on the resort.

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