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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 34 IELTS Exams

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 34 IELTS Exams Preparation

341-Recession (Noun)

 Definition: a interval of momentary financial decline.

 Synonyms: despair, stoop, slowdown, financial decline, downturn.

 Utilization: Some international locations are within the depths of a recession.

342-Ease (Verb) gerund or current participle: easing

 Definition: make (one thing disagreeable or intense) much less extreme.

 Synonyms: mitigate, soothe, relieve, alleviate, 

 Utilization: They hoped the alcohol would ease their ache.

343-Cite (Verb)

 Definition: seek advice from (a passage, ebook, or creator) as proof for or justify an argument or assertion, particularly in a scholarly work.

 Synonyms: quote, reproduce

 Utilization: Authors who their friends extremely regard are typically cited.

344-Unwind (Verb) 

 Definition: calm down after a interval of pressure or work.

 Synonyms: calm down, loosen up, unbend

 Utilization: It’s a wonderful place to unwind after work.

345-Brinkmanship (Noun)

 Definition: the artwork or follow of pursuing a harmful coverage to the bounds of security earlier than stopping.

 Utilization: In any sport of brinkmanship, one facet might collapse abruptly.

346-Arsenal (Noun)

 Definition: a spot the place weapons and navy tools are saved or made.

 Synonyms: arms cache, ordnance depot, armory, arms depot, 

 Utilization: The mutineers broke into the arsenal.

347-Demigod (Noun)

 Definition: a being with partial divine standing, 

 Utilization: Some Roman emperors believed in descent from demigods corresponding to Hercules.

348-Gulag (Noun)

 Definition: a system of labor camps maintained within the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 during which many individuals died.

349-Garrisons (Noun)

 Definition: a gaggle of the military stationed in a fortress.

 Synonyms: navy detachment, navy unit, armed drive, drive.

 Utilization: All the garrison gathered on the parade floor.

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350-Confrontation (Noun)

 Definition: a hostile or assembly between opposing events.

 Synonyms: battle, battle, battle, conflict, brash.

 Utilization: A lightweight, peaceable protest was a violent confrontation with police.

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