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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 32 IELTS Exams

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 32 IELTS Exams Preparation

321-Cautious (Adj)

 Definition: feeling or exhibiting warning about doable risks or issues.

 Synonyms: circumspect, on one’s guard, chary, cautious, cautious.

 Utilization: Canines which were mistreated typically stay very cautious of strangers.

322-Hostile (Adj)

 Definition: exhibiting or feeling opposition or dislike;


 Synonyms: antagonistic, aggressive, confrontational, belligerent, bellicose

 Utilization: He wrote a ferociously hostile assault.

323-Hitherto (Adverb)

 Definition: till now

 Synonyms: earlier, up to now, beforehand, previously.

 Utilization: Hitherto a part of Azad Kashmir achieved independence.

324-Confined (Adj)

 Definition: restricted in space or quantity;

 Synonyms: cramped, constricted, restricted, restricted

 Utilization: She had a concern of confined areas.

325-Assault (Verb)

 Definition: make a bodily assault on.

 Synonyms: purpose blows at, slap, hit, strike, bodily assault.

 Utilization: He pleaded responsible to assaulting a person.

326-Outflank (Verb)

 Definition: transfer across the aspect of (an enemy) to outmaneuver them.

 Utilization: That they had sought to outflank them from the northeast.

327-Looming (Verb)

 Definition: particularly one that’s giant or threatening.

 Synonyms: turn out to be seen, come into sight, Emerge, seem.

 Utilization: Ghaste shapes loomed out of the fog.

328-Sprawling (Verb) 

 Definition: unfold out over a big space in an odd method.

Synonyms: straggle, ramble, unfold, stretch.

329-Conglomerates (Noun)

 Definition: a factor consists of a number of completely different and distinct elements or objects grouped—synonyms: combine, mixture, mingling, commingling, combination.

 Utilization: The person is a specialised conglomerate of organisms.

330-Blunter :(of an individual or comment) uncompromisingly forthright.

 Synonyms: frank, plain-spoken, Simple, 

 Utilization: That they had a blunt message for the viewers.

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 31 IELTS Exams Preparation



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