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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 29 IELTS Exams

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 29 IELTS Exams Preparation

291-Catastrophic (Adj)

 Definition: involving or inflicting sudden important harm or struggling.

 Synonyms: disastrous, calamitous, cataclysmic, ruinous, tragic

 Utilization: The catastrophic penalties of a major oil spill.

292-Revelations (Noun)

 Definition: a shocking unknown incontrovertible fact that has been disclosed to others.

 Synonyms: divulgence, declaration, utterance, disclosure, a shocking reality.

 Utilization: the additional revelation has rocked Washington that the alleged killer is a revered economist.

293-Steer(Verb) steered

 Definition: A management of the motion of (a car, vessel, or plane).

 Synonyms: maneuver; navigate, pilot, information, direct.

 Utilization: They steered the boat slowly in direction of the busy quay.

294-Soured (Verb)

 Definition: make or grow to be disagreeable, abusive, or complicated.

 Synonyms: make resentful, anger, embitter, make bitter.

 Utilization: A struggle soured relations between the 2 households.

295-Levy (Verb)

 Definition: impose (a tax, price, or fantastic).

 Synonyms: impose, cost, precise, demand, elevate

 Utilization: A tax of two % was levied on all cargoes.

296-Irritate (Verb)

 Definition: make (an issue, harm, or offense) worse or extra critical.

 Utilization: Your motion would solely worsen the scenario.

297-Exasperation (Noun)

 Definition: a sense of intense annoyance or irritation.

 Synonyms: chagrin, vexation, anger, irritation, annoyance.

 Utilization: She provoked exasperation amongst her colleagues.

298-Greasy (Adj)

 Definition: (of an individual ) unpleasantly or insincerely well mannered.

 Synonyms: ingratiating, fawning, groveling

Utilization: The greasy man from the newspaper.

299-Hustle (Verb) gerund or current participle: hustling

 Definition: jostle, push roughly.

 Synonyms: bump, knock, shove, nudge, jostle, push, push roughly.

 Utilization: He was hissed and hustled as he went.

300-Intrigue (Verb) 


 Definition: Put together secret plans to do one thing illicit to somebody.

 Synonyms: participate in a conspiracy, plot, hatch a plot, conspire.

 Utilization: The ministers had been intriguing for his or her good points.

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