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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 26 IELTS Exams Pre

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 26 IELTS Exams Preparation


261-Ubiquitous (Adj)

 Definition: current, showing, or discovered in every single place.

 Synonyms: omnipresent, ever-present, current in every single place, in every single place

 Utilization: Monitoring stray canines could quickly be extra accessible because of the ever-present microchip.

262-Subsistence (Noun)

 Definition: the motion of sustaining or supporting oneself, particularly at a minimal degree.

 Synonyms: maintenance, help, livelihood, upkeep, maintain.

 Utilization: The minimal earnings wanted for subsistence.

263-Shoddy (Adj)

 Definition: poorly made or completed.

 Synonyms: poor-quality, inferior, second-rate, third- charge, low-grade

 Utilization: They don’t seem to be paying good cash for shoddy items.

264-Stagnated (Verb)

 Definition: stop creating; change into inactive or boring.

 Synonyms: stand nonetheless, be sluggish, lie dormant, change into stagnant, do nothing.

 Utilization: Instructing can shortly stagnate right into a set of routines.

265-Treatment (Verb) third individual current: cures

 Definition: set proper (an undesirable scenario).

 Synonyms: put to rights, proper, rectify, put proper, set proper, set to rights. 

 Utilization: There’s a treatment, however one desires an answer.

266-Revival (Noun)

 Definition: energy, or fortunes of somebody or one thing. an enchancment within the situation, 

 Synonyms: betterment, amelioration, enchancment, rallying, selecting up.

 Utilization: A revival within the fortunes of the get together.

267-Quintuple(Verb) previous tense: quintupled; previous participle: quintupled

 Definition: enhance or trigger to extend fivefold.

 Utilization: Their’s revenues would quintuple over the subsequent decade.

268-Interventionist (Adj)

 Definition: favoring intervention, particularly by a authorities in its home financial system or by one state in one other’s affairs.

 Utilization: An financial system dominates each nation’s stability.

269-Viable (Adj)

 Definition: able to working efficiently; possible.

 Synonyms: practicable, sensible, relevant, usable, workable, possible.

 Utilization: She got here ahead with the one viable answer.


270-Wield (Verb)

 Definition: have and be capable to use.

 Synonyms: be possessed of, have, have at one’s disposal, train, exert.

 Utilization: Leaders wielded huge affect inside the get together.

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