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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 19 IELTS Exams

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 19 IELTS Exams Preparation

191-Dole (noun)

 Definition: Advantages for Unemployed; from the state.

 Synonyms: Somebody having authorities profit

 Utilization: We had been on the dole for 4 years.

192-Persist (Verb) 

 Definition: Maintaining it on in an opinion or plan of action regardless of issue or opposition.

 Synonyms: persevere, proceed, keep it up, go on

 Utilization: The minority of males who persist in ingesting.

193-Muse (Noun)

 Definition: an individual power who’s the supply of inspiration for a artistic artist.

 Synonyms: inspiration, artistic affect, stimulus

 Utilization: The poet has written muse lyrics.

194-Inconceivable (Adj)

 Definition: unbelievable, not able to being imagined or grasped mentally; 

 Synonyms: past perception, unbelievable, sophisticated.

 Utilization: It appeared inconceivable that the president had been unaware of what was occurring.

195-Shun (Verb) gerund or current participle: 

 Definition: persistently keep away from, ignore, or reject by way of antipathy or warning.

 Synonyms: keep away from, evade, eschew, keep away from

 Utilization: He shunned trendy society.

196-Lop (Verb) gerund or current participle: lopping

 Definition: minimize off from the primary physique

 Synonyms: noticed, hew, slice, minimize, chop, hack

 Utilization: He had lopped some bushes with out permission.


 Definition: To reduce prices or spending in response to financial life.

 Utilization: That interval of retrenchment will see firms shed employees.

198-Trove (Noun)

 Definition: a retailer of pleasant or worthwhile issues.

 Utilization: The cellar consisted of a trove of uncommon wines.

199-Percolate (Verb) gerund or current participle: percolating

 Definition: filter step by step by way of a porous floor or substance(of a liquid or fuel).

 Synonyms: filter, drain, drip, ooze, seep

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 Utilization: The liquid percolating by way of the soil could leach out minerals.

200-Bout (Noun)

 Definition: a brief interval of intense exercise of a specified variety.

 Synonyms: spell, interval, time, stretch, a stint

 Utilization: Occasional bouts of strenuous train.

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