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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 15 IELTS Exams Preparation

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 15 Ielts Exams Preparation

151-Betray (Verb)
Definition: expose (one’s nation, a bunch, or an individual) to hazard by treacherously giving data to an enemy.
Synonyms: break one’s promise to, be disloyal to, be untrue to, break religion with
Utilization: A double agent who betrayed some 400 British and French brokers to the Germans.

152-Thence (Adverb) Definition: as a consequence.
Utilization: Finding out maps to evaluate previous latitudes and thence a sign of local weather.

153-Batter (Verb) gerund or current participle:
Definition: strike repeatedly with exhausting blows. Synonyms: pummel, pound, rain blows on, buffet Utilization: A prisoner was battered to loss of life with a desk leg.

154-Hostile (Adj)
Definition: displaying or feeling opposition or dislike;
Synonyms: antagonistic, aggressive, confrontational
Utilization: He wrote a ferociously hostile assault.

155-Presumption (Noun)
Definition: an concept that’s taken to be true on the idea of chance.
Utilization: Underlying presumptions about human nature.

156-Crumple (Verb)
Definition: crush (one thing, sometimes paper or material)
in order that it turns into creased and wrinkled. Synonyms: crush, scrunch up, screw up, squash Utilization: She crumpled the word in her fist.

157-Corrugated (Adj)
Definition: (of a cloth or floor) formed right into a series of parallel ridges and grooves in order to offer added rigidity and energy.
Synonyms: ridged, fluted, channeled, furrowed, grooved
Utilization: The roof was fabricated from corrugated iron.

Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 7 Ielts Exams Preparation

158-Heft (Verb)
Definition: Elevate or carry (one thing heavy).
Synonyms: raise, raise up, elevate, elevate up
Utilization: He lifted crates and hefted containers.

159-Swamp (Verb) gerund or current participle:
Definition: overwhelm with an extreme quantity of one thing; inundate.
Synonyms: overwhelm, inundate, flood, deluge, engulf Utilization: The nation was swamped with items from overseas.

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160-Curb (Verb)
Definition: restrain or maintain in verify.
Synonyms: restrain, maintain again, maintain again, maintain in, repress
Utilization: She promised she would curb her mood.

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