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How You Can Get Cable on Smart TV without Box?

A smart TV offers a lot of streaming options without cable. However, some people still want to get a cable on smart TV. But, they do not want to attach a cable box.

You may be one of those people who want to watch cable on their TV without a cable box. Nevertheless, you do not know how to make it possible.

Fortunately, I have found some hacks to do this. In this guide, I will share the foolproof methods of watching cable on your smart TV with no cable box.

How to Get Cable on Smart TV without Box

Watch Cable on Smart TV without Box

You can watch cable channels without connecting the box. Here is the step-by-step process;

Step 1: Get the Roku Streaming Stick

You need the Roku Stick for this process. There are various versions of this device. For instance, Roku Streaming Stick 4K, Roku Express 4K Plus, and Roku Ultra.

The price becomes higher with the latest version. Because it adds new features. So, you can buy any of these versions within a $40 to $100 budget.

Step 2: Set up the Roku Stick

Connect your device to the Wifi network. You have to complete the setup process as instructed in the user guide.

Create your Roku or Amazon account. Sign in if you already have one.

Step 3: Connect Roku with Your TV

The next step is to connect the device with your TV. All streaming devices have a USB end. Plug it directly into the HDMI or USB port on your TV.

Turn ON the TV, and press the “Input/Source” button on the remote. Select the right input option.

Step 4: Install the App

Now, you have set up and connected Roku to your TV. Next, you have to download the app.

Many cable channels offer a TV app. Browse the app in the app store and install it.

Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions. It will require a username or password to log in. You will enter the information given by your cable provider.

This is the login information you use with the cable box or your account. Finally, you can start watching your favorite channel without the Box.

How to Get Cable on a Second TV without Box

You may have more than one smart TV in your home. Only one of them has the cable box. But, you want to watch cable channels on the second TV without paying for another box.

I am going to tell you a trick for watching cable on more than one TV. You can use the mirroring method;

  1. Buy a coaxial cable splitter. Connect this cable splitter to the output of your main TV and the cable box.
  2. Generally, you connect the cable box directly to your TV. While the cable is plugged into the box.
  3. But in this case, you will plug the splitter into the cable box. Then, make two connections.
  4. Connect one cable to your main TV. Create a second line to connect it with your second TV.
  5. The coaxial splitter has multiple ports. So, you can make more than one line.

It is the best way to connect a single cable box to multiple TVs in your home.

Alternate Ways to Get Cable on a Smart TV

If you want to get rid of your cable box, there are many alternate methods. For example, you can get cable channels via streaming devices.

Google TV, Roku, Amazon FireStick, and Chromecast are some of the valuable devices. Some cable channels have launched apps that can be downloaded on your smart TV.

Moreover, you can attach an HDTV antenna to your TV. It can capture local cable channels.

Likewise, you can connect your smart TV to another TV in your home that has a cable box. Let us discuss these methods in detail.

In old days, people used to connect a cable directly to their TVs. It works just like an antenna. Your cable provider gives you a connection cable.

Instead of using a box, you can plug it directly into your TV. But, for this, your TV should have the relevant connector. The cable comes with a pin-like connector. You can connect it as follows;

  1. Coaxial cable is also known as a regular cable. Its one end is connected to the source.
  2. Plug the other end of the coaxial cable into your TV.
  3. Now, turn ON your TV. It may not show signals for a few moments.
  4. Open the “Settings” menu and go to “Channels”. Next, choose “Find Channels” and then “Cable”.
  5. Within a few minutes, your TV will locate the cable channels.

The quality of the picture and number of channels depends on your service provider. Some users report that a direct connection delivers blurry pictures.

While you may not get all the channels. However, this method is still workable.

Option 2: Download the Application

If I am not wrong, you do not long for all cable channels. There may be some specific channels that are your favorite. You only need to get them on your smart TV.

The good news is that many channels have their own apps. I do not prefer a cable box and a heavy monthly bill. Instead, I have downloaded the apps of my favorite channels on my smart TV.

For this, you just need a good internet connection. Just go to App Store, search your favorite channel, download it, and start watching.

Further, you can subscribe to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video.

Option 3: Connect a Streaming Device

Streaming devices are one of the best options. There are a lot of media devices available. Some are cheap while others may be expensive. But, they are a one-time investment.

These devices offer a huge amount of streaming channels. You can watch them for free. Moreover, you can subscribe to your favorite channels.

I recommend Roku to watch cable channels on your TV. It costs you less than $50. This device has many versions and plays 4K content.

Other amazing devices are Amazon FireStick, Chromecast, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV, etc.

Do some search about the specifications and features of these devices. Then, buy the one that fits your requirements.

Option 4: Install an Antenna

It is the best way to watch cable channels without paying any money. Just buy a good quality HDTV digital antenna. Then, make a DIY amplifier, learn the process here.

Installing the antenna is a bit tricky and requires some skill. Moreover, you may get bad pictures at times. Sometimes, the channels disappear.

However, still you can watch a decent number of local channels on it. Remember that antennas only play local channels.

FAQs About Watching Cable on TV without a Box

There are some further points that I consider important to discuss. You will find the answers to your frequently asked questions here.

Can I watch cable on Samsung Smart TV without a Box?

You can download the specific app for the channel on your Samsung TV. First, you have to confirm whether the app is available on the Samsung app store or not. Then, install the app and follow the process explained earlier in this guide.

How do I get basic channels without the Cable Box?

You can get basic local channels with an antenna. Attach an HDTV or digital antenna to your smart TV. It can play more than 100 channels. There are many types of TV antennas. Choose the one that meets your requirements.

Is it possible to watch Comcast without a Cable Box?

Comcast is very cautious about decoding its network signals. Generally, it is not possible to watch Comcast without its Box. However, some cable providers can deliver a few channels. Alternately, you can invest in the Comcast digital cable card. It does not require a Box or additional costs.

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Final Words

I have written this article in your best interest. All the possible ways to watch cable TV are included in it. You no more need a Cable Box. Stream live, install apps, use media devices, or install an antenna to enjoy cable.

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