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How to Fix iPhone 11 Charging Port Not Working

iPhone charging port not working is a common issue. It can occur in an older iPhone 11 as well as in a brand new iPhone 11. The reasons are some minor hardware issues.

Moreover, careless handling on the part of the user may also result in a non-working charging port.

While the basic design and functional characteristics of the iPhone 11 can also cause problems in the charging port.

The charging port not working issue is different from iPhone 11 not charging.

If your phone cannot charge, it is due to software glitches, faulty charging tools-USB cable or adapter, bad power supply, or damaged battery.

iPhone 11 Charging Port Not Working

However, if you notice some signs of damage in the charging port then you need to fix it exclusively.

How to Identify if Charging Port of iPhone 11 is not Working

If the charging port of your iPhone 11 is not working, it will fail to recharge. However, charging failure can also be caused by defective charging tools.

So, you must check the lightning cable and charging adapter. Connect the USB-C lightning cable (given with your iPhone 11) and adapter to another iPhone.

If they are working well with another device, it means your iPhone has some fault. In addition, check for software updates, restart your iPhone 11, and put it into DFU mode.

If these tricks do not work and still your iPhone 11 cannot charge, the fault is in the hardware. Read our article “iPhone 12 not charging when plugged in” for complete details.

By following this guide, you can troubleshoot and fix any of your iPhone that is not charging.

The Structure of an iPhone 11 Charging Port

Before fixing the charging port, let us get some basic knowledge of its working and structure. The charging port is located at the bottom of an iPhone.

However, in some models, it may be located at the top. The basic function of this port is to supply power to the battery. In addition, it can also function as the data transfer port.

For example, you can insert one end of the USB-C cable into the charging port on your iPhone 11 and connect the other end with a computer, Mac, or another device.

In this way, you can transfer data between two devices or access your iPhone data. Inside the charging port, there are metal stripes, a power regulator, and power detecting chips.

These components are very delicate and any rough handling can damage them. If a minor part is damaged, the charging port fails to function.

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Causes and Solutions of Malfunctioning iPhone 11 Charging Port

The charging cable is the power source while the charging port is the power receiver. A disconnection between the two results in charging port issues.

This is caused by corrosion, bent metallic connectors, loose charger port, trapped dust, or broken charger port.

You should have enough understanding of all these issues; how and why they arise and how you can cope with them.

1. Dirty Charging Port

The charging port has no cover on it and is exposed to the environment directly. So, it can catch dust, dirt, lint, and moisture.

Most iPhone 11 users do not bother to clean the ports on their phones. Over time, tiny dust particles accumulate and block the charging port.

Thus, the charger cannot connect properly. The dust particles penetrate deeper into the metallic strips or chips. Consequently, the port gets damaged.


  • If you work in dusty environments such as construction sites, factories, and workshops, your phone is affected by the dust.
  • Frequently using the phone in outdoor environments such as camping or sports.
  • Dust can also be accumulated while cleaning your apartment or working the garage.
  • So, if you work in any of such places, clean your iPhone charging and other ports regularly.


You should be very careful and gentle while cleaning the charging port on your iPhone. Because any mistake can damage the delicate parts as mentioned earlier.

Avoid using liquids, sharp tools, and metallic objects. The best cleaning methods are given below;

  1. Take a toothpick and insert it into the charging port. Slowly move it to loosen the solid dust in the port.
  2. Use a sticky/blu tack to remove the left-over dirt. The tiny particles will stick to it, change it when it gets dirty.
  3. You can also use blub syringe or compressed air can to blow the dust-out. The bulb syringe sucks the dirt.
  4. An anti-static brush or a soft-bristle new toothbrush are also good options for cleaning the ports.

2. The Corroded Charging Port

One of the major reasons your iPhone 11 charging port not working is the rusted charging port. This issue is faced by many iPhone users.

Corrosion is caused by moisture, water, air, and sweat. Because the charging port is made of metal, it is very vulnerable to corrosion.

So, a rusted port cannot make a successful connection with the USB cable. Hence, the power cannot be delivered to the battery and the phone cannot charge.

Corrosion occurs slowly over time if your iPhone is exposed to moisture continuously.


Let us understand why corrosion occurs;

  • When you keep the phone in your pocket while exercising, the sweat or wet clothes initiate the rusting process.
  • If you hold your iPhone with wet hands or put it in moist places.
  • If you do not protect your phone while visiting a beach or walking in rain.
  • In case, your iPhone 11 falls into the water and remains there for a long time.


If you notice green build-up in the charging port, it is corroded. Rust can be removed from the charging port by the following method;

  • Shut down your iPhone 11 and disconnect the charging cable or any other device from it.
  • Remove the back cover and take out the battery, store it in a dry place.
  • Now, take a new soft-bristle toothbrush or a cotton swab. Dip it into the ‘contact cleaner’ or ‘rubbing alcohol‘. It should be a little wet and should not be dripping liquid.
  • Insert the cotton swab or brush into the charging port of your iPhone.
  • Move them gently into the port to remove the rust. Stop the action when the green residue disappears.
  • Leave your iPhone at a dry place for some hours. After that, reinsert the battery and connect the charger to see if it is working.

3. Loose or Bent Metallic Connector

The metal stripes inside the charging port are likely to bend or loosen over time.

When you insert the charger or data cable, the port faces some friction which can result in loosening the stripes. These stripes are connected to the motherboard.

If they loosen, they also disconnect from the motherboard, and power is not delivered. As a result, the phone will charge very slowly or will not charge at all.


  • Applying force when inserting in or pulling out the USB connector from the charging port.
  • Overcharging or frequent charging can also cause metal strips to bend.
  • Using a cheap, third-party, and incompatible charger.
  • Electric shocks, high voltage, or too much heat can also damage the stripes.
  • Inserting the USB connector at a wrong angle and wiggling it sideways while pulling out.


As a temporary solution, you can insert a small piece of paper with the charger. This will cover the loose space and will fit the charger properly into the port.

However, it is not a permanent solution. It is difficult to fix the bent metallic stripes or loose metal connectors.

The connection to the motherboard can be established again if the damage is not severe. But, these are very intricate things.

So, you should not try fixing your iPhone 11 at home. It is better to spend some money and seek support from a professional.

4. Broken iPhone 11 Charging Port

If the charging port is broken inside, it will not work. It may be partially or completely broken. Even a single broken strip causes the problem of the iPhone 11 charging port not working.

A broken port is clearly recognizable. Because it cannot fit the charger properly. There are two conditions; the port disconnects from the mainboard or battery or it breaks physically.


One of the common causes of a broken charging port is careless handling by the user.

  • Forceful insertion or pulling out the charger damages the port.
  • An incompatible charger or USB-C cable can also break the charging port.
  • A bent power cord that is difficult to insert.
  • Using sharp objects or exerting pressure for cleaning the charging port.


A broken or damaged charging port can be replaced. If you have some technical knowledge, you can do it at home. Otherwise, take your iPhone 11 to an Apple store or a professional.

It will cost you almost $80 to $120. If the charging port is damaged already, it is the manufacturer’s fault. So, you can submit a complaint to Apple and ask for a replacement.

Some Pro Tips to Keep Your Charging Port Intact

The most common cause for developing defects in the charging port is careless handling. For instance, forced pulling, pushing, and bending of the cable result in damage.

Some people pull out the charging pin at a wrong angle or they push it too hard into the charging port. These habits damage the delicate parts of the port.

A pro tip is to use a Qi-certified wireless charger pad or stand. This is advantageous because you do not need to insert the cable into the charging port.

So, it can increase the life of the charging port and the phone. Furthermore, some users keep the headphones plugged in and wrap the cable around the phone.

This puts extra strain on the charging port thus damaging it. Just unplug the headphones, charger, or data cable while they are not in use.

Do not travel with the cables plugged into the charging port and iPhone in your pocket. Avoid holding your iPhone 11 with wet hands.

Also, do not expose it to heat or sun. If you follow these tips, you can keep the charging port and your iPhone 11 protected.

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Final Words

So, this is how you can fix the charging port of your iPhone 11 that is not working. We have discussed the common reasons for this issue.

Moreover, we have also told you the best solutions. As mentioned earlier, one major reason for this problem is careless and rough handling by the user.

So, you should be very careful to keep your iPhone 11 secure. We hope you liked our effort of helping you fix your iPhone 11 charging port that is not working.

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