Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell Claimed ‘UFOs & Aliens Are Just Small Part of Larger Reality’

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has shocked UFO fanatics along with his piece of proof on the phenomenon and data he acquired whereas learning UFOs. He’s the one who shared the video footage displaying the UFO as a transmedium automobile. Moreover, he says that UFOs and aliens are only a small half of a bigger actuality together with different fascinating and eye-opening statements in an in depth interview with Theories of All the pieces with Curt Jaimungal.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is an American up to date artist and investigative filmmaker based mostly in Los Angeles, California. He did intensive analysis on nanotechnology, aerospace exploration, and unique propulsion techniques, in addition to an in-depth examination into the life and discoveries of the enigmatic “Godfather of Conspiracy” John Lear.

Corbell has documented the surgical elimination of alleged off-world alien implants, and has filmed NASA’s evaluation of anomalous supplies alleged to be bodily proof of extraterrestrial nano-technology from UFO touchdown websites. He has obtained deathbed confessions from former CIA and authorities intelligence officers who declare to show the reality about UFOs and the worldwide coverup of the final word reality.

Corbell launched the movie “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” on Netflix, including credibility to Lazar’s case. Furthermore, his 2-hour interview with Curt Jaimungal mentioned dozens of matters that added nice info to the UAP/UFO phenomena. In 2021, he leaked a movie of the US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” formed UFOs & superior transmedium autos. Within the footage shared by filmmaker and UFO fanatic Jeremy Corbell, a flying object may be seen disappearing into the water off California.

On this interview, he covers a wide range of controversial topics together with the discharge of the Tic-Tac movies by the federal government, potential authorities disinformation campaigns, and the claims of Bob Lazar that he as soon as labored on backward engineering an alien craft.

UFOs and Aliens Simply Small A part of ‘Larger Reality’
Corbell asserted within the interview that aliens and UFOs are a small a part of a a lot bigger actuality of this mysterious and mind-boggling phenomenon.

He stated: “UFOs seem like half of a bigger phenomenon that means UFOs are form of an auxiliary implication of a a lot bigger actuality. So this concept that what we’re seeing are machines from different planets. I’m unconvinced what we could also be seeing is an alternate actuality. You realize perhaps it’s one thing nearer to dimensional journey.

There appears to be one other model of actuality that’s occurring and that in some way as soon as they pop by means of into our actuality. And this isn’t simply from a cursory take a look at the ufo phenomenon, that is from speaking with hundreds of shut encounter eyewitnesses who inform me that that is one thing larger than simply flying machines.

To present you an instance at Skinwalker Ranch. The report is {that a} piece of the sky opened up like a tear and out of this got here “Beings” got here “Craft.” So, UFOs is a symptom, it’s a part of this alternate actuality, The phenomenon as I name it. However it’s not nearly UFOs characterize this phenomenon.

I do know this to be true that Skinwalker ranch is the very best instance of this as a result of you’ve UFO phenomena. However you even have cattle mutilation which is usually related to lights within the sky. So, cattle mutilation is one thing a concrete instance.

Cattle mutilation, Is that this a UFO phenomenon or a authorities experiment, or is that this a non-public company that’s going round mutilating these cows and draining their blood within the useless of the night time? No person has ever been caught throughout these cattle mutilations.

They’re the identical throughout the board. They’re drained of blood. The farmers and folks which can be cattle ranchers see UFOs oftentimes throughout these mutilations so I can’t separate them.”

American billionaire Robert Bigelow shared his private experiences and losses that prompted his curiosity in life after dying, in addition to UFOs. He talked about potential hyperlinks between consciousness analysis and UFOs. He additionally talked concerning the dangers of making an attempt to ascertain communications with the unknown.

“That’s been mainly what I’ve been doing except for the skinwalker ranch thing for 20 years as the space world has been huge in my life to pursue the legitimate parochial kind of you know using fire engines rockets to get you there. We didn’t expect anything like this to happen and so there this is different. This is the holy grail and is different than the second holy grail. If the second one is ‘Beings’ (E.T.), then the first one: Is there any part of your consciousness that survives your bodily death? That’s a big deal. That’s a huge story. That’s gigantic.”

Dr. Travis Taylor’s Assertion On Skinwalker Ranch
Dr. Taylor joined businessman Brandon Fugals’s workforce at Fugals’s notorious Skinwalker ranch three years in the past and firmly believed he would be capable to resolve the ranch’s assorted mysteries in brief order. However the longer he stayed, the stranger issues turned. In his interview with investigative journalist George Knapp, he stated: “You know, I had never seen a UFO until I got out there. Now, I have seen more UFOs now than you can count.”

Within the surprisingly candid and wide-ranging interview, Dr. Taylor shared his opinions concerning the function of science within the pursuit of the unknown, his private experiences with unusual phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch, the bodily results of shut encounter instances, and the mysterious “hitchhiker effect” that a number of UFO/paranormal eyewitnesses have reported.

In his opinion, this unexplained phenomenon may be completely different for individuals with reference to their mind exercise. Hypothetically talking, he stated that the phenomenon may be related with completely different planes within the universe. He added that he might associate with the thought of a portal however was unsure. He believes it’s weird however there may be some reality to it.


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