200 historic ‘giant’ skeletons unearthed in Cayuga, Canada

5 – 6 ft under the bottom, have been unearthed 2 hundred large skeletons almost all intact of their effectively circumstances.

Discoveries of the skeletons of a big race typically floor on varied information articles and media, and we’re due to this fact extra puzzled to know to what race the traditional “Mound Builders” belonged.

A few century in the past, an article appeared in The Toronto Each day Telegraph stating that within the township of Cayuga within the Grand River, on the farm of a resident named Daniel Fradenburg, 5 – 6 ft under the bottom, have been unearthed 2 hundred skeletons almost all intact of their effectively circumstances.

The discoverers discovered a string of beads across the neck of every, stone pipes within the jaws of a number of of them, and lots of stone axes and skinners to be scattered round within the grime. The skeletons have been gigantic, a few of them even measuring 9 ft, and few of them lower than seven.

A number of the thigh bones have been six inches longer that any unsual human skeleton. The farm had been cultivated for a century and was initially lined with a thick development of pine. There was proof from the crushed bones {that a} battle passed off on that soil within the historic time and these have been a few of the slain. Have been these the stays of Indians, or some completely different race? And who did fill this ghastly pit?

Pioneer Society of Michigan, 1915 (Ontario Canada)
On Wednesday final, Rev. Nathaniel Wardell, Messers. Orin Wardell (of Toronto), and Daniel Fradenburg, have been digging on the farm of the latter gentleman, which is on the banks of the Grand River, within the township of Cayuga.

After they acquired to 5 – 6 ft under the floor, an odd sight met them. Piled in layers, one upon high of the opposite, some 2 hundred skeletons of human beings almost excellent — across the neck of every one being a string of beads.

There have been additionally deposited on this pit plenty of axes and skimmers fabricated from stone. Within the jaws of a number of of the skeletons have been giant stone pipes — one in all which Mr. O. Wardell took with him to Toronto a day or two after this Golgotha was unearthed.

These skeletons are these of males of gigantic stature, a few of them measuring 9 ft, only a few of them being lower than seven ft. A number of the thigh bones have been discovered to be a minimum of a foot longer than these at current recognized, and one of many skulls being examined utterly lined the pinnacle of an unusual individual.

These skeletons are alleged to belong to these of a race of individuals anterior to the Indians.

Some three years in the past, the bones of a mastodon have been discovered embedded within the earth about six miles from this spot. The pit and its ghastly occupants are actually open to the view of any who could want to make a go to there.

Some individuals profess to imagine that the locality of Fradenburg farm was formally an Indian burial website, however the huge stature of the skeletons and the truth that pine timber of centuries development lined the spot goes far to disprove this concept.

Did Fradenburg and his associates actually unearth the stays of an historic large race misplaced in time? In that case, the place are these findings hidden at present?

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