10 Benefits of Franchise Management Software With Franchise CRM

The benefits are discussed in the following sections.

1.It helps save both time and money

Efficiently controlled franchise management software with CRM lends you a helping hand in ensuring every business aspect is organized. There’s no need to devote time or invest money to track down and get responses from individual franchisees. Also, franchisees gain instant access to all necessary information by logging into the system. It ensures clear, simple communications between franchisors and franchisees.

This eliminates the possibility of exertion of duplicated efforts as everyone’s aware of the goings-on. Also, you get answers to all queries in real-time. No phone conversations or email communication chains are involved. As a result, there’s a drastic reduction in missed opportunities or deals as the contact details are current.


2.It helps expedite the sales process

Franchise management software with CRM ensures easy management of your franchise leads is accomplished. How? It gives you access to all vital information the leads provide.

This gives rise to minimal wastage of time on cold leads. Greater opportunities for franchise sales are seized after that. This engenders significant time savings. This also means you’ve got accurate, readily available information to look up when opportunities knock on the door.

The software lets you monitor and assess the health of all sale deals. Details about them show up in a single place. You no longer need to depend on phone conversations or email chains for updates centering on qualified and unqualified leads.

3. It allows franchisees to use CRM uniformly

Franchise management software with CRM is accessible to your franchisees. However, the onus to assign control on permission and visibility lies on you as the franchisor. This alludes to franchisees knowing relevant business information. The odds of missing qualified leads are also significantly reduced. There’s no need to have separate CRM systems for different franchisee locations.

Also, you need not be anxious about onboarding franchisees in a single platform from where franchise-specific workflows and email templates can be disseminated easily.

If any changes are made to the system at the headquarters level, such as marketing plans or sales goals, the updates will be shared via the same CRM portal with round-the-clock online availability. The possibilities of any downtime because of maintenance are eliminated.


4.It provides real-time visibility on franchisees

Franchise management software with CRM helps you always be at the helm of affairs and keep a watch on your franchisees with the basic intent of checking whether they’re following up with all sale deals till closure. In addition, you can surveil all important details related to leads.

These include the number of times communication with leads is set up by franchisees and if they’ve made sure prompt follow-ups are done. In case your franchise is service-based, you can take a look at the following:

  • The number of forwarded quotes
  • Sales forecast per franchisee location

5. It helps make communication with franchisees more efficient

Clear, insightful, and prompt communication is paramount. But, keeping up with the needs of the individual franchisees can set off lots of challenges.

This is because franchisees are spread across multiple locations with varying time zones. The CRM helps make this process simpler by putting a centralized database in place from where information can be accessed by franchisees involving their accounts. The database also has a separate place to receive and store feedback from franchisees.

This implies you’ll be aware if your franchisees are offered timely support and whether their pain points are attended to. Consequently, problems are easily solved before they snowball into something big.


6.It helps in onboarding processes

Franchise management software with CRM comes to your aid in handling the indispensable franchise onboarding process. The software ensures all monotonous tasks related to taking new franchisees on the team are automated.

These tasks include handing them welcome packets over, enrolling them for marketing campaigns, and more. Because of automation, franchisees are more probable to start the ball rolling and strike their goals instantly. With the software in tow, you can access everything required to oversee franchisee training.

The software gives access to the operations manual to franchisees. Furthermore, franchisees get support for the construction of new stores and the acquisition of business insurance. Everything concerning new franchising partners or franchisee locations goes via CRM software. Consequently, the processes become streamlined with the execution of no extra work.

7.It offers powerful reporting capabilities

Franchise management software with a powerful CRM helps you keep an eye on the performance of franchisees. This lets you know if your franchisees adhere to franchise-directed best practices and guidelines while acting upon their duties and responsibilities.

Apart from checking on the details of each lead, the software allows franchisees to sign in to the CRM as and when opportunities or issues arise where help from the headquarter may be needed. When you carry out each of these functions with the help of franchise management software, the business processes become more streamlined and accessible. Furthermore, you acquire real-time visibility of all ongoing things. Also, additional help can be sought from the CRM tool, given that you need supervision while handling teething troubles.

8.It amplifies franchise sales growth via automation

Franchise management software with CRM is fully automated. It comprises automated lead management workflows. It ensures the sales processes you adopt are automated at the headquarter and franchisee locations.

It also allows you to deal with marketing campaigns to ensure leads are never allowed to slip through the cracks. With efficient franchise management software, lead management becomes much easier, and you can create a whole world of difference.

9.It allows franchise owners to get into their database and update data on their own

It  facilitates smooth access to data for franchisees. It also assigns them the authority to update it. As a consequence, as a franchisor, you’ll hardly lose sleep over the possibility of your franchisees being devoid of the tools necessary to run their businesses successfully.

The software is the best solution to manage documents and signed agreements between the franchisor and its franchisees. Your franchisees can gain admittance to vital, latest data through the self-service portal. This leads to an increase in overall productivity and considerable time savings for both franchisors and franchisees.

10. It helps store all data in a single place

Franchise management software with CRM consists of a data storage hub to access all records of information needed for making important and well-informed business decisions for steady franchise growth and expansion. The software contains all information relevant to your new leads. The database is constantly updated when you interact with leads and your existing franchise owners or franchisees communicate with leads and customers.

There are sundry ways by which franchise management software can benefit your business. If you happen to be a franchisor, you must know the amount of money, time, and energy needed to ensure your franchisees possess the tools to make them successful. Having the ability to offer support to several franchise owners is invaluable. You’ll be level-headed getting to know that your franchise business is always running efficiently. You’ll also have peace of mind being aware that your franchisees are constantly getting the support to ensure an increase in sales, cost cutting, and profit growth occur simultaneously.

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